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Ralf Plücker, Head of Content Product Management, Vodafone D2 GmbH:  
Maybe there is only a handful of experts in the music industry in Germany with a comparable level of experience and knowledge as Tina Rodriguez. Working with her since years I know I can rely on her professional, diligent work - an invaluable asset.

Sascha Lazimbat, Geschäftsführer A2 Electronic Publishing GmbH, Co-Founder Zebralution GmbH:
Tina Rodriguez is a real pro, also as strategic counsel and workshop host: Trustworthy, methodical and motivating.

Dr. Steffen Lipperts, Head of Handset Internet Localisation Germany,
Deutsche Telekom AG:

I was impressed with her determined way of working. Tina Rodriguez handles her assignments in the companies best interest, with dedication and a great force of achievement. It was always a pleasure working with her.

Dietmar Schlumbohm, Geschäftsführer Phononet GmbH:
To me Tinas work is outstanding because of her ability to understand a customers needs very quickly and precisely. And this obviously results in high quality and custom-fit counseling and solution findings.

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